Software and Applications

We will be happy to build you a firmware for microcontrollers, design desktop software, or help with an Android application. We write custom software in C, C ++, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, Rust or Assembler languages. We have the greatest experience with STM32 and AVR microcontrollers, but we are also open to those of your choice.

Hardware design and prototyping

Not sure how to design a printed circuit board? Or would you like to design a schematic? We are cool with both. We will be pleased to help you design and debug hardware in the areas of powerelectronics, radioelectronics, microelectronics, battery applications, laboratory power supplies, and sensor technology.


Do you want to discuss everything with experts who graduated from Brno University of Technology first? Our team will be happy to consult your project or technical idea over a cup of good coffee or by teleconferencing. Hardware, software and project management are our expertise.

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